Rotary Club of Kidsgrove

Autumn / Winter Fundraising

Bonfire Night

This event is held at Clough Hall Park on the first Saturday of November and includes Bonfire, Fireworks, Funfair, Refreshments & Snacks. All proceeds go to support Rotary good causes.


The gates of the park are open at 6pm, bonfire at 7pm, fireworks at 7.45pm and gates closed at 10.30pm.

Santa Reindeer Run

Have you seen the good causes that these fundraising activities help to support?


The Santa Reindeer run takes place over a 3 week period from the beginning of December. It is mainly operated by the Rotary Club of Kidsgrove,although other clubs contribute their efforts on certain runs (e.g. Probus, and Scouts).


It consists of Santa and his "sleigh" touring the streets of Kidsgrove and surrounding area,  entertaining the children, playing festive carols and performing door to door collections in aid of charity.


There are also a few collections outside the main stores of Kidsgrove.

Spring/Summer Fundraising Miscellaneous Fundraising Santa Fireworks